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10 safety tips in Medellin, Colombia


Man steals the wallet of tourist from the back pocket of his pants and not noticing the victim. Avert thieves and pickpockets in the city at night.

Everything you need to know about remaining secure in Medellin.

Medellin is one city that has seen numerous changes throughout its time, not only in security. It went from being among the most unsafe cities in the world to being one of the most technological.

There are criminals everywhere and Medellin isn’t an exception. These suggestions will help you stay secure.

If you do not follow the first commandment, which means” Do not give papaya” It is likely that you will expose yourself and likely have unpleasant experiences. Remember that.

Welcoming you to the city of perpetual spring! It is a wonderful city, with lots of stories to provide, Medellin is one that is sure to make you feel right at home. As you are aware, Medellin was not always an amazing place you arrived in or are about to go to. Of course, since there is no perfect city and has flaws, Medellin is not without shortcomings.

But, the city is a shining example of progress and innovation throughout its transformation, notably in the security aspect. It was a drastic shift and today, we’re still trying to make the city a truly “little silver cup”.

As a city’s citizens and lovers of Medellin, VICO wants to share with you some tips for security which will surely reduce your problems and make your stay in Medellin the best experience that you’ll ever have.

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Rule of thumb: “Do not give papaya”

The most important rule to follow will help you in Medellin or anywhere else within Colombia: “do not give papaya”. From the woman who sells coffee, to the cop that is close to you, everybody will advise you to do this since it’s a standard wherever you travel. Papaya is a reference to keeping your face hidden and not drawing attention to yourself since it can result in adverse consequences for you.

Tip 1: Try to join a the same group

The night holds many mysteries throughout the world and it is recommended to have a and a companion. In fact, being able to not be alone can make things much easier. Additionally you aren’t able to be seen as a potential target because there are those who can are able to take advantage of other people at any time. Have a night out with your people, enjoy yourself and remain together.

Tip 2 – Inform someone who you are, or where you’re headed

A suggestion especially for newcomers. It’s a totally unknown city, and if you will be exploring the area on your own it is important to inform someone of exactly where you are in case you are lost. You should be able to meet them in person.

man talking on the phone

Tip 3: When you take a taxi, give someone their license plates

It’s better to avoid than regret. If you decide to take taxis, make sure you give anyone you know the license plate number of the vehicle in which you are moving, and inform them once you have arrived at the destination. It’s always worth it.



Tip 4 – Use taxis only in visible and populated areas

Make sure you take taxis to areas where there are a lot of people moving by, and they should be well-lit in the evening if you are there. It is better when you request it using one of the applications we suggest within this post. It is easy to be a to target if you are in the dark.

Tip 5 – Keep your personal belongings with you at all times within reach

Don’t carry you wallet inside the pockets in the back of your pants, or put things in your backpack if it is simple for you to access it. It is a crowded city, and it is not uncommon to encounter thieves taking advantage of the turmoil (especially during public transport and the rush hours) to steal your belongings.

wallet with credit card

Tip 6 – Keep valuables items safe

Be careful not to expose your mobile phone or camera in noisy areas like the downtown area or an area for parties. You can take tranquil photos, take video recordings and return them under your watchful eye and do not let the camera out. Thieves are able to spot quite well and are extremely fast, and you’ll definitely want to keep your photos secure.

Tip 7 – Keep your cash, IDs and credit cards in various locations

Your wallet isn’t an area of safety because it is the most frequent victim of thieves. Separate your money into several places, and store your ID and cards in a separate location away from your wallet.

Tips 8 Windows shut when you’re stationary

If you’re in taxi Uber Bus, taxi or other other vehicle, you should keep your windows shut when you’re not in motion. A lot of people use traffic congestion in order to “check” people in cars that aren’t moving. Don’t make it simple. Security is a must in your mind while in an automobile.

Tip 9 – Keep the money in reserve at home

Do not take all of your cash with your. This could cause you to lose everything by theft or by your negligence. Sometimes, it’s not simple to know the time you lost it. Therefore, make sure you don’t let it occur to you!

Tip 10: Enjoy But be aware!

Like we said at the beginningof the article, Medellin isn’t the ideal city, but you’ll be able to have a wonderful experience. Explore, enjoy to be amazed but be aware of these safety guidelines. Security is the primary factor during your stay.

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