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15 Best Places to Visit in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

The home of tango as well as fine vino, Argentina is posh with some spice, and the capital city of Buenos Aires is its crown jewel.

With beautiful architectural and cultural heritage and home to more than 2.8 million inhabitants, Buenos Aires is full of incredible places to visit. These are the top 15 places to visit in Buenos Aires.

To discover the top tourist destinations or hidden gems to discover, and more Connect with the people of Buenos Aires to plan your excursion.

They’ll explain the reasons why their city is special, and you won’t find it in a book. Find out more about the city.

#1: San Telmo

Take a trip to San Telmo, Buenos Aires the oldest barrio in Argentina and a bohemian haven.

With cobblestone streets and Tango parlors, the old-fashioned atmosphere that are San Telmo charm locals and tourists alike.

It’s a great location to stroll through and feel for the past Buenos Aires. San Telmo is also the location to San Telmo Museum, which is San Telmo Museum, a unique museum that features exhibits on Basque culture as well as European historical events.

#2: Cafe Tortoni

Cafe Tortoni is one of the most popular places to go to when you are in Buenos Aires.
If you’re a coffee lover, Cafe Tortoni is the ideal spot to go for an espresso fix with in Buenos Aires.

With its fancy art and stylish interiors, Cafe Tortoni in east Buenos Aires has been the place of the elite of Argentina in the 1850s.

It’s extremely popular now but do not let that deter you from visiting it.

Enjoy some music in the basement, or drink your coffee in a state of happiness while you take in the deep thought process that goes in the Cafe Tortoni. You may have an idea or two of your own.

#3: Plaza Dorengo

A point of convergence of the culture of both communities, Plaza Dorego is an perfect spot to take in the city’s vibrant beauty. 

At any time or time of week, Plaza Dorego located in San Telmo, is an ideal place to relax in a comfortable cafe or sip some juice, and enjoy watching the world pass through.

When it’s Sunday, the plaza transforms into an event of a carnival. More than 300 vendors converge on the square to market their goods as the square pulsates to the rhythm to live entertainment.

Bring cash and your bargaining skills and do your best to keep on top of the people who live there.

#4: Puerto Madero

In a city that is known for its rich history and beautiful, Puerto Madero stands out as a stunning modern jewel to explore within Buenos Aires.

A luxury refurbished Port District, Puerto Madero is your destination when you want to treat yourself to fine dining establishments and experiencing amazing architecture, like the turning Woman’s Bridge. 

Puerto Madero also contains the Reserva Ecologica which is the one of Buenos Aires’ best green areas, as well as The Pontifical Catholic University runs an art gallery that is often home to exhibitions that are free.

#5: La Bombonera

La Bombonera is one of the most popular places to go to in Buenos Aires.
There’s a passion for futbol (that’s soccer for Americans!) In Buenos Aires that even tango cannot match.

For a chance to experience it, you should go to La Bombonera. The iconic Argentine football stadium located in La Boca, in La Boca neighborhood gets its name because it appears to be an empty box filled with chocolates.

However, it’s one of the few box of chocolates that you’ll find packed with 50,000 people screaming singing, dancing, and pouring out their hearts for Boca Juniors, one of Argentina’s top football teams.

la bombonera

La Bombonera is a must-see on any itinerary and football enthusiasts should certainly visit the Museo of the Pasion Boquense located in the stadium.

#6: Palermo

The rose gardens, museums and stylish eateries are what make Palermo an extremely popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The neighborhood is situated on the northeastern border of Buenos Aires, Palermo is the city’s most populated and loved neighborhood.

With plenty of activities available it’s easy to discover a reason to end in this gorgeous area of town.
Wake up and enjoy the scent of roses (literally) in Palermo’s Palermo Rose Garden, peruse shops in the fashionable Soho Palermo, and get away from the world at the Planetario, a museum that is filled with amazing robotics, projectors and virtual reality, which allows you to explore the world.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t hurry the experience. Palermo is a sprawling and diverse neighborhood, so make sure to take your time and take in everything from hip graffiti to local dives. And make sure to savor delicious food at places such as Don Julio or La Cabrera.

#7: Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is one of the most sought-after destinations to visit within Buenos Aires.Plaza de Mayo is the most well-known place located in Buenos Aires.

This is where the May Revolution of 1811 burst into action in this square and almost every other historic event that is significant within Buenos Aires has some connection to the Plaza de Mayo square.

The neighborhood around Monserrat is the center of business and the financial center of Buenos Aires and is full of bustle and hustle. Just avoid the briefcases and visit several of the major places around the square.

There’s no way to overlook the famous Casa Rosada (Argentina’s White House but not pink!) located on the eastern edge of the square, as well as the massive Metropolitan Cathedral.

casa rosada

Once you’ve visited the two cathedrals, you can take the Cabildo, which is the town hall built in the colonial period located in the southwest part on the eastern side of Plaza de Mayo.

#8: Cemiterio de Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery)

The wealthy and elites of Argentina have been burying their dead within La Recoleta cemetery for hundreds of years.

It appears they had a clue or two about how to dress with fashion. La Recoleta cemetery is absolutely stunning, and it’s now an extremely sought-after spots for a visit to Buenos Aires.

The cemetery is full of statues, mausoleums and vaults that are fit for the aristocratic, and you could be able to spend hours exploring the labyrinth. Make sure you take this free excursion (in English!) which is offered on Thursdays and Tuesdays, and locate the final burial site of the most well-known Argentina people, including Eva Peron.

#9: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Buenos Aires is no stranger to the world of arts. Do you believe us? Visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. 

The museum is situated close to Recoleta Cemetery, it is a must-see. Recoleta Cemetery, this museum boasts a remarkable 100 years of history and features a stunning collection in European art and Argentine art.

Famous artists like Picasso as well as Van Gogh are represented in the museum, as are Argentinian famous artists like Benito Quinquela Martin. It’s the biggest collection of fine arts within Buenos Aires, so even in the event that you’re not classified as an artist you should visit. It’s free!

#10: La Boca

La Boca is one of the most popular places to go to with in Buenos Aires.

La Boca is an eclectic urban working-class area located in central eastern Buenos Aires. With its vibrant street art, lively architectural designs, and frequent performances of live music, La Boca is definitely worth a trip.

Grab some delicious local food (like provoleta and puchero) at nearby dives like El Obrero, and don’t leave La Boca without taking a stroll down the famous alleyway-turned-museum, Caminito.

la boca

Also, we recommend visiting Usina Del Arte: a modern art gallery and performance space located in an old factory. It’s an ideal venue to see emerging local artists.

#11: Florida Street

Are you looking to shop in a blaze of glory? Perhaps you’d like to walk around in peace with out having to dodge taxis or buses? Florida Street is a chic pedestrian street that runs through the northern part of the Monserrat neighborhood.

It is known as the preferred destination for shopping at branded shops and final-minute souvenirs. Florida Street begins at Avenida de Mayo and is finished in Plaza San Martin.

In addition to being a great spot for an day of shopping Florida Street also has stunning architectural treasures worth a look-see, including Gath and Chavez’s Gath and Chavez building and the Galeria Mitre.

On the weekdays, Florida Street the best spot to watch people. It’s located in the Financial District that is Buenos Aires and is a ideal spot to soak in the bustling life that is Buenos Aires.

#12: Obelisco

Make sure to visit be sure to visit the Obelisco while traveling through Buenos Aires.

It’s a famous landmark right close to the city, which was constructed in celebration of Buenos Aires’ 400th birthday (because cakes and candles aren’t they?).

It’s not possible to climb up the obelisk’s interior any more but it’s definitely worthy of a look its majestic majesty amid Buenos Aires’ busy center. After visiting the Obelisco visit close by Avenida Corrientes for some late-night pizza.

#13: Congreso

Congreso is among the top destinations to visit within Buenos Aires.
Congreso is among the neighborhoods that must be visited in Buenos Aires. Congreso gets its name from the Palacio of Congreso which is a neoclassical beauty which is a centerpiece of its plaza.

It also is the place of meeting for Argentina’s legislative body. Take one of the tours that are free here, and then go to the other end of the neighborhood for the authentic Buenos Aires.

Congreso’s crown jewel lies on Avenida Corrientes, a bustling nightlife hub with late-night pizza restaurants and theaters that’s been appropriately named “the Broadway of Buenos Aires”.

Congreso is also awash with monuments and sculptures that enthusiasts will appreciate. Since it’s the center of political activity in the city, you might even witness a demonstration walking through.

#14: Belgrano / China Town

The pace of life slows down in the area of Belgrano which makes it an ideal place to relax with in Buenos Aires if you need an hour to relax and get away from the daily chaos.

The highlights of this tranquil neighborhood include the beautiful Plaza Gral. Manuel as well as La Glorieta, an iconic place where people gather to dance.

When you’re done taking in the serene streets of Belgrano and the surrounding areas, make sure to visit Buenos Aires’ Barrio Chino (Chinatown) in the north portion of Belgrano’s neighborhood.

It’s a fantastic spot to browse unique items of China, Japan, Thailand along with others East Asian countries, or to simply sit down and enjoy some traditional Chinese street-food.

#15: Costanera Norte

In the middle in the Palermo neighborhood lies Costanera Norte, a scenic stretch of boardwalk that runs through the beach as well as the Rio de la Plata.

It’s a groovy spot worth a visit to Buenos Aires, especially if you’re looking to simply stroll around and take in the city’s finest views.

The music industry is awash with musicians who post up on the boardwalk. It gives a lively, romantic appeal to strolling along. Be sure to take a moment to take a look at the Club de Pescadores, an impressive-looking fishing club that is located on the dock.

You can also talk to local fishermen. Saint Tropez Park is a excellent spot to unwind and relax and watch skateboarders tear it up. If you’re hoping for an incredible sunset, be sure you stay until sunset. You’ll not be disappointed.

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