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Best Neighborhoods to stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is known for its bustling streets, incredible artwork, tasty food and multicultural influences. If you’re thinking of a trip to Argentina’s vibrant capital city The first thing to determine is where you’ll stay in Buenos Aires.

With numerous diverse districts and neighborhoods it’s more difficult than you imagine! Here are 10 of our most-loved areas where you can stay when in Buenos Aires, whether you’re searching for a tranquil neighborhood or a spot for late-night events.

Ten Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina

#1 Retiro A quiet, waterfront area, close to everything

You’re planning to go to Buenos Aires for the first time? If so, the Retiro area is the ideal location. The waterfront is just a few blocks away from the bustle and hustle of central areas, Retiro is idyllic–but also houses one of city’s most important bus and train stations. 

It means the process of getting into and out to go sightseeing is easy.

You may wish to go anywhere else! Buenos Aires is metropolitan and multi-cultural, but the atmosphere in Retiro is relaxed and distinctively South American.

If you’re in the area, make sure to check for the Torre Monumental, a massive clock tower that was donated in 1916 by British citizens in 1916 as well as the serene Plaza General San Martin.

# 2: San Telmo: An affordable neighborhood that has bohemian vibes

San Telmo is Buenos Aires’ oldest barrio (neighborhood). It’s a fantastic location to stay in if you’re looking to travel on a budget or if you’re looking for an authentic experience of Buenos Aires.

It was once regarded as a poor neighborhood, San Telmo has been transformed into an arty bohemian haven and a hotspot for tango. Don’t be surprised when you spot a riot of dancing taking place in street corners.

Each Sunday San Telmo hosts a famous flea market, which is full of street performers as well as food and drinks as well as a wide array of vendors selling gifts.

3: Palermo Soho: The trendy and happening district for nightlife

Palermo located situated in the northeast of Buenos Aires, is considered to be the most attractive and fashionable area of the capital city (as well as being one of the safest and most welcoming for tourists).

It’s divided into a number of smaller bars and Palermo Soho is its soul geographically and metaphorically.

This charming neighborhood is the ideal spot where you can enjoy a nightclub and shop boutique. It is lined with pastel-colored stores, along with a variety of trendy bars, cafes and nightclubs.

It’s young, hip, fun and oh-so-Instagramable-students, backpackers, and solo travelers will love this awesome spot.

#4 Recoleta An enviable location for luxurious accommodation

Are you looking to unwind in style and enjoy a luxurious time in Buenos Aires? The Recoleta District is the most luxurious area of the city. It is home for some of the best luxury hotels as well as incredible fine dining.

It’s definitely elegant, but not boring or stuffy! There’s plenty of things of things to see and do in Recoleta such as visiting the stunning Recoleta Cemetery (it’s a beautiful location, and isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds) as well as purchasing at Patio Bullrich mall, and admiring the finest art at The Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes.

#5 Palermo Hollywood: Buenos Aires the best cafes as well as street art

The next street just to Palermo Soho is Palermo Hollywood is named for the many radio and television studios that have been that were established in the area. This barrio offers all the excitement of Palermo Soho, without the glamour.

It’s more relaxed and bohemian. Palermo Hollywood is great for walking around on foot, and has broad streets that are safe both during the day and at night.

There are trendy bars and coffee shops in this area along with traditional Argentine steak homes and hangouts. One of the most memorable things about Palermo Hollywood is its stunning street art. It’s a must to bring your camera along and walk around to soak it all in.

#6 Villa Crespo: A special local spot that is away from the main roads

If you’re looking to get out of the “touristy” parts of Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo is the ideal choice. It’s an undiscovered part of the city that is authentic and rustically Argentinian and without the huge shops and Instagramable boutiques that you’ll find in Palermo.

This doesn’t mean Villa Crespo is quiet–you’ll find numerous amazing restaurants as well as clubs and underground bar. Villa Crespo is also home to a massive Jewish community and you should keep an eye out for charming Jewish bakeries and eateries.

The only drawback to being outside of the tourist areas is the street in Villa Crespo can get a little shady at night, so we suggest taking taxis when you venture out.

#7 Puerto Madero: An emerging fashionable neighborhood

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires the newest neighborhood to be developed is an excellent option for those seeking a secure, peaceful and relaxed. It was only a collection of docks and industrial structures however, today Puerto Madero is home to beautiful low-rise homes, elegant bars and eateries, and beautiful views of the river.


The striking Puente la Mujer bridge, a striking structure that crosses the Rio de la Plata, and historic brick structures that have been renovated and renovated. When you’re there be sure to visit the Ecological Costanera Sur Reserve, a stunning natural setting just far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

#8 Belgrano: A tranquil escape for families traveling

Are you looking for a relaxed and family-friendly area to vacation in Buenos Aires? You should look no further than Belgrado. It is located next towards Belgrado is the Palermo District, Belgrano is quieter and more peaceful than its neighbour.

There are cobbled streets with big trees that shade the streets as well as restaurants and boutiques as well as a lot of welcoming people with their pets. Most importantly, Belgrano is totally safe to stroll around during the day as well as at night.

#9 Microcentro A pulsing district that is located in the middle of Buenos Aires

Microcentro is a neighborhood located in the center of the vibrant Buenos Aires. This is where you should be if you’re looking to feel the real vibrancy that the city has to offer.

Numerous famous attractions are within walking distance such as the Obelisco which is a towering high spire that is Buenos Aires’ most famous architecture, as well as it’s Plaza de Mayo, the historical central square.


Microcentro is the most crowded, noisy area of the city. However, it’s worth it to be at the center of the action. You can take a taxi, or a bus at night , to stay clear of the busy streets at night.

#10 La Boca: The diverse, multicultural port district

The last but definitely not the last on our list should be La Boca, a neighborhood that is regarded as the most attractive district in Buenos Aires (which is really an understatement). La Boca is full of colourful, bright buildings as well as street art and even cobblestones that have been painted.


Since it was initially developed as a community to accommodate immigrants La Boca played a major part in shaping the multicultural language, cuisine and art in Buenos Aires. Today, it is the home of the famed Boca Juniors soccer team-so don’t be shocked to hear the fervent fans shouting from the windows.

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