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15 best local tips in Santiago, Chile

Santiago Chile

Chile is known as “the Country of Poets”, is one of the most sought-after tourism destinations of South America. It has a variety of activities and attractions for those who want to relax with your loved ones or embark on an exciting adventure together.

Explore destinations like breathtaking national parks, breathtaking beaches, cultural spots and a lot more. You could also spend your time indoors, watching an amazing performance in a theater, or observing stunning art in a stunning museum. So take a trip with your group and set out to take in the most exciting activities you can do while in Chile.

Go through the list below for a more thorough understanding of the incredible things to come!

1. Torres Del Paine National Park – Patagonia Chile

Torres Del Paine National Park founded in the month of May 1959, covers nearly 440,000 acres.Its stunning landscape is awe-inspiring with gigantic glaciers, towering mountains as well as sparkling waters.

Torres Del Paine National Park

Why You Should Go

One of the most popular activities to enjoy in Chile with your kids is to take children on an unforgettable outdoor adventure in this gorgeous national park.

It is a well-known tourist destination that draws many thousands of tourists each year . It offers numerous facilities and amenities for a more relaxing visit.

For instance, there are there are designated camping sites where you can set up an overnight tent for overnight and even local organizations providing guided tours.

What to Do

Enjoy quality time with your children while enjoying a wonderful weekend outdoors at this gorgeous national park.

Try hiking, taking plenty of photos of your kids or take guided horseback riding excursions.

You can also choose to stay for the night in camping and go stargazing, or enjoy a great picnic with your friends.

2. Valley of the Moon – Antofagasta

The Valley of the Moon, commonly referred to by the name of Valle de la Luna, is situated in the Atacama Desert. has its name due to its spectacular rocks and sand formations that are reminiscent of moon’s surface.

Why You Should Go

What is it that makes what makes this South American country so popular for tourists is its stunning natural wonders like that of the Valley of the Moon.It is the perfect destination when looking for exciting things to do in Chile to explore with your partner, friends or family. Its terrain is characterized by stunning dunes, rock formations and a landscape which changes shades based upon the time of day.

What to Do

Begin to bond with your travel companions while looking around and marveling at the beauty and splendor that is this nature wonder. Some of the things that you can take part in are walking through the valley and enhancing your photography abilities or joining an organized tour through the valley.

3. Rapa Nui National Park – Valparaiso

Rapa Nui National Park, created in 1935 It is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site found on the world-renowned Easter Island.It is spread across 17,000 acres and has 887 massive stone statues, also known in the Maoi.

Rapa Nui National Park

Why You Should Go

There are numerous breathtaking attractions to be seen this weekend while exploring the stunning natural wonders of Chile like this national park situated on Easter Island.Here there are things to see like rugged coastlines shimmering freshwater lakes and volcanic craters.

It is also home to the world-renowned maoi stone human monoliths created from the native Polynesian tribe, known as the Rapa Nui, between 1250 to 1500.

What to Do

Create new memories with your loved ones while exploring this gorgeous national park to its fullest.

Take photos backed by the majestic maoi, walk through the beautiful landscape or take in the ocean views along the pristine coastline.

It is also possible to explore its stunning caverns, view wild horses grazing from the distance, or even go camping.

4. Santiago

Santiago is known as “the City of the Island Hills” is the capital of Chile.

The city is the biggest city in the nation and has an variety of leisure options.

Why You Should Go

Take a trip in Santiago and your travelling companions and explore the many sights of the city.

There are plenty of locations in downtown amazing museums, fascinating places to visit, and numerous restaurants that serve delicious local food.

There, you will discover a myriad of cultural, historical and religious places to help you appreciate their rich culture.

What to Do

Have a great time with your family or a partner while you visit the numerous restaurants, museums and shops as well as tourist spots.

Places to visit include places like the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts The oldest museum of art located in South America, and the Santiago Metropolitan Park, featuring the zoo as well as a botanic garden.

5. The Chilean Lake District

The Chilean Lake District is a region within Chile that is famous for its sparkling lakes.It is an ideal spot for recreation and water sports for both tourists and locals.

Why You Should Go

Are you in search of locations to visit today for the ultimate lakefront experience? If you are, I strongly suggest visiting the Chilean Lake District.Here are more than 10 lakes to explore, providing you with your family, your spouse or your group a variety of enjoyable options to have with your friends.

What to Do

Have a great time with your friends while you enjoy an enjoyable time kayaking or canoeing. You can take advantage of a variety of activities on land including biking, hiking and ski, horseback riding and many more. For those looking for the most thrilling and thrilling sport, consider white water rafting, or volcano climbing.

6. Valparaiso

It is the second largest city in the world and is known as”the Jewel of the Pacific.

Why You Should Go

Enjoy a memorable getaway with your family, partners, or friends by taking a wonderful vacation to this vibrant and colorful city along the coast.

It is home to a myriad of beautiful bars as well as live music venues breathtaking beaches, and a myriad of other interesting spots to discover.

If you’re looking for activities indoors to entertain yourself in the winter months when it’s cold or rainy there are plenty of art and museums to discover.

What to Do

Spend moments with the people you travel with while you spend a memorable day out in this stunning city along the coast.

The activities that you can take part in include strolling through the botanical gardens, taking in live shows in an amphitheater, or exploring local history at museums.

In this sandy beach there are plenty of things to do like sunbathe, build Sandcastles with your children or play beach volleyball surf, and so on.

7. Lauca National Park – Putre

Lauca National Park, established in 1970, is located at the very apex to the region that is northern Chile.

Why You Should Go

Are you in search of free activities in Chile to get the most of your budget? Within the 303,342 acres of Chile there is plenty of fauna, breathtaking volcanic lava fields, stunning volcanoes, turquoise lakes, and flowing rivers.

What to Do

Enjoy a trip with your loved ones for an unforgettable nature getaway with a variety of opportunities for recreation in Lauca National Park.

For example, watching birds taking nature photos and teaching your kids about fishing and so on.

8. Pumalin Park – Chaiten

Pumalin Park which is about one million acres officially referred to as Douglas Tompkins Pumalin Park.

Why you Should Go

There are a variety of great spots you can visit within Chile for a great outdoor adventure, such as Pumalin Park.

It offers a variety of facilities, including designated camping areas, rental cabins, restaurant options on site as well as a nature preserve and tour guides of the stunning park.

The landscape is awe-inspiring, with fjords that thick forests, majestic mountains, natural thermal pool as well as a host of other spectacular landscapes.

What to Do

Get the most enjoyment from your vacation by spending your time at Pumalin Park and engaging in all sorts of activities that are fun with a person you love dearly or with your family members and friends.

Relax in the water while you kayak or join an excursion cruise to experience the beauty of the Fjord.

Another great option is trekking, driving 4v4 vehicles across the rugged landscape, going camping, and picnicking in the beautiful landscape and many more.

9. Los Pinguinos Natural Monument – Punta Arena

It is the Los Pinguinos Natural Monument, founded in 1966, is a reference into”the Penguins Nature Monument.It is a top tourist attraction, which attracts hundreds of visitors during the summer months.

Why You Should Go

There are numerous unusual things to see in Chile to enjoy a memorable time with your traveling companions, including The Los Pinguinos Natural Monument.

It’s located on an empty island, and hosts more than 66,000 pairs of Magellanic penguins.It is also home to various other species of birds and animals, including sea seals and sea lions.

What to Do

Enjoy the chance to view thousands of penguins along with your family or with a special someone or your friends in this national monument along with a natural preserve.

Take photos and observe the white and black unflightless birds while they care for their youngsters or perform its mating ceremonies.

10. The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works – Pozo Almonte

The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works covering over 1,400 acres, is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.They are two saltpeter refineries which date from the late 1800s.

Why You Should Go

The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works is the perfect spot to visit when you’re searching for inexpensive activities close to you. You can enjoy the most affordable trip adventure with your traveling companions.

Journey back in time to learn about the importance the saltpeter industry in Chile while you visit the numerous sights and artifacts of this region.

What to Do

Spend a few hours exploring the popular tourist destination and learn more about its rich history and its saltpeter business.

On your trip you’ll see sights such as abandoned machinery, historic structures, old plants and more.

11. Chiloe National Park – Los Lagos

Chiloe National Park, established in 1983, lies on Chiloe Island or the Greater Island of Chiloe.It covers an area of approximately 94,725 hectares and provides many fun-filled activities.

Why You Should Go

The most fun and exciting activities in Chile for those who love nature is to spend a memorable day at this gorgeous national park. It is stunningly beautiful with lush forests, beautiful dunes, beaches and a variety of species of wildlife.

What to Do

Create memories that last for many years by taking part in a myriad of activities within the middle of nature in Chiloe National Park.You can take part in activities such as horseback riding, kayaking fishing, hiking and even taking on exciting adventures with a knowledgeable guide.

Before you leave, snap a lot of pictures of the amazing landscape, walk around the beach dunes that are sun-kissed If you’re fortunate, catch a glimpse of whales frolicking in the distant distance.

12. Maipo Canyon – San Jose de Maipo

The Maipo Canyon, or Cajon del Maipo in Spanish is one of the most visited attractions in Chile.It is an ideal hiker’s destination, with miles of trails with stunning views.

Maipo Canyon

Why You Should Go

Enjoy a natural adventure unlike any other with your traveling companions at Maipo Canyon.It is the perfect place to visit when you are a lover of hiking through beautiful terrains. It is a place with wild streams, breathtaking mountain backdrops and a variety of volcanoes, lush vegetation, as well as other natural beauty spots.

What to Do

Connect with your friends, partner or your group by embarking on amazing adventures at the stunning Maipo Canyon. Some of the activities to enjoy include cycling, camping, hiking and horseback riding, paddle boating and rafting.

In winter, when temperatures are cold it is the perfect spot to take an exciting ski adventure with your loved ones.

13. Emiliana Organic Vineyards – Valparaiso

The Emiliana Organic Vineyards, founded in 1998, is an internationally renowned winery and vineyard that is renowned for its organic wines.

Why You Should Go

Do you or your significant other like tasting different kinds of wines?

Are you in search of romantic activities to do within Chile with your partner?

Take your stuff and make your way to this charming vineyard.It is among the most beautiful vineyards in the nation that has a farm, with diverse animals as well as an organic garden that has various vegetables and herbs.

What to Do

Take a romantic trip with your loved one while tasting the various exquisite organic wines from This vineyard. You can also walk around the stunning vineyard with your partner or take a guided tour around the area. Here you can meet friendly animals, including alpacas, horses and sheep. You can also take a picnic in the grassy area.

14. Grey Glacier – Patagonia Chile

Grey Glacier Grey Glacier rests within the Torres del Paine National Park.It is among the most well-known and frequented places in the park.

Why You Should Go

Before you head back to your home, be sure to take a trip to the stunningly breathtaking Grey Glacier with your friends.This amazing glacier measures about six kilometers in width and is at least 30 meters in height.

What to Do

Enjoy time with your loved ones while you take an enjoyable outdoor excursion and explore the splendor of the Grey Glacier.In the region surrounding it, visitors can take part in things like hiking, taking guided boat excursions or kayaking.For an adventurous and enjoyable outdoor adventure it is possible to try ice-hiking and hiking right up the summit of the glacier.

15. ALMA Observatory – Antofagasta

ALMA Observatory ALMA Observatory is officially named the Atacama Large Millimeter array Observatory. It is a modern facility located in the Atacama Desert.

ALMA - Observatory

Why You Should Go

If you are looking for amazing and exciting activities for you and your loved ones visit this world-class observatory and experience the splendor of our galaxy. This modern facility is equipped with an variety of interactive activities, educational and fascinating as well as hands-on activities that allow visitors to have an engaging experience.

What to Do

Take a tour of ALMA Observatory today. ALMA Observatory today and enjoy an enjoyable and educational experience while learning about the universe.On your tour you can enjoy brief informative films, listen to informative lectures, and tour the space, such as its control room as well as the various types of equipment they use for their scientific research.

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