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10 beautiful beaches in Bahia for couples to enjoy

Lacerda's Elevator (Elevador Lacerda) in Salvador, Bahia.
Lacerda's Elevator (Elevador Lacerda) in Salvador, Bahia.

The capital of the state of Bahia located in northern part in Brazil, Salvador is a tourist destination that is full of discoveries that await to be discovered by curious travelers. If you’re contemplating your next trip to Brazil and you are looking for a place to stay, then visit Salvador: a city that has a population of nearly 3 millio n and one of the oldest in the country, which was founded in 1549.

It was also the capital city of the nation for quite a while. Salvador de Bahia lives mainly because of its breathtaking scenic landscapes that draw visitors all year round. Alongside an visit into the town’s old part, Salvador offers the knowledge -hungry tourist a brand new lower town as well as an elevated part, linked to the remainder of the city via a stunning panoramic lift, from which you can snap stunning photos.

Take a moment to be captivated by the splendour of the city’s churches like those of the Basilica de Salvador, the Igreja de Sao Francisco and the 17th century Igreja Do Convento do Carmo which is distinguished with the existence of the convent.

If you’re looking to enjoy an afternoon of culture in between your beach excursions, make the time to visit the Museu de Arte de Bahia that houses a stunning collection of paintings and an extensive library. Continue on to the Museu Abelardo Rodriguez, full of works of art and take a look at the historic building that houses the Museu of Arte Sacra. It is which is among the best sought-after museums in Brazil. If you are a fan of nature go on a walk through Salvador de Bahia’s sprawling parks and be amazed by the diverse wildlife and pl ants they house.

Visit the Jardim Zoologico, which is a park that is home to numerous animals, making it a great place for trips with kids. Make sure to mark that the Parque Metropolitano de Pituaçu, featuring a lake as well as a bicycle path, as well as the beautiful Parque Metropolitano de Abaete, where live musical performances and music events are held. shows are scheduled every weekend. Put them in your top list of places you want to visit also.

Salvador de Bahia is loved by travelers from all over the world, and particularly by Italians who immediately grasp the essence of the city and feel at the heart of their own.

The city is famous for its colonial style and a rich historical legacy Salvador de Bahia soon was acclaimed as one of Brazil’s most popular beach resorts. That’s precisely that we’re talking about now the most beautiful beaches of Salvador de Bahia, with its mild temperatures, favorable conditions of tropical regions with frequent ( but very short-lived) rainfall, and low temperatures that never fall less than 15 degrees C.

This is a comprehensive listing of Salvador’s most stunning beaches that are perfect for relaxing in Brazil’s traditional coastal landscape, often characterized by huge palaces near the ocean. As if you were living within Rio de Janeiro, but the water is more spectacular!

  • Praia do Forte
  • Stella Maris Beach
  • Praia do Porto da Barra
  • Ondina Beach
  • Praia de Itapua
  • Flamengo beach
  • Praia Boipeba
  • The beach of Morro de Sao Paulo
  • Marau Peninsula
  • Praia do Cristo

1. Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is one Brazil’s most beautiful and thrilling beaches. It is an ideal spot for those who travel to Salvador de Bahia in search of beautiful sand, turquoise waters and skies as far as the eyes can reach. The beach is situated in the district located in Mata de Sao João, Praia do Forte is a beach that is located approximately 60 kilometers to the north of Salvador located on the Coconut Tree Coast.

The visitors who visit here should be there before the sun rises to take in the sunrise from an extremely sought-after spots of the cities. The sound of the waves and the gentle breeze that floats between those palm trees are sure to enthral you until the sun rises up in the sky which will invite you to t he first of the swimming pools you’ll experience throughout the daytime.

When you pass across Praia do Forte, stop at the Projeto Tamar, a non -governmental group that is committed towards protecting turtles from sea. The facility is accessible throughout the year between July and September, biologists working there are responsible for caring for the nests. In summer however, visitors can watch the hatching of eggs and watch the sprint of these tiny creatures towards their first sea swim. Also, make a quick excursion towards Farcia D’Avila lighthouse. Farcia D’Avila lighthouse, built in 1971.

Turtles at Tamar Project.
Turtles at Tamar Project.

If you are at Salvador de Bahia between July until October, you’ll be able to find out how to buy tickets for any of the boat excursions along the coastlines in Praia of Forte. This is the best place to observe the whales in the humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae; in Portuguese Baleias Jubarte, in Portuguese).

Praia do Forte, or “beach of the fort” is named after an old fort which has since been destroyed and is no more. If you’re interested in learning more about the past of this amazing place, visit Garcia D’Avila Castle, built in 1551 , on an elevated hill, just a few kilometers from the beach. Also called Casa Da Torre, this stunning structure is one of the few buildings with features from the Medieval Era that can be found in all of America and you should not be able to miss it.

Golfers will find their perfect location in Praia do Forte. This, which, in fact, is the home of Iberostar Praia do Forte Golf Club. People who enjoy sports but want to go on an adventure should consider one of the cycling, walking or horseback excursions in the Reserva de Sapiranga, a rainforest reserve with seven routes to try as well as the opportunity to dip your feet within the Pojuca River.

Are you still looking for business? The beaches have canoeing and navigational courses, and of course, the opportunity to dive into one of the most stunning seas. Praia do Forte is reached from Salvador via the bus line (Linha Verde) and a trip of around one hour, 40 mins. You can also remain in any of the accommodations located in the area.

2.Stella Maris Beach

A mere 10 minutes drive from the airport 10 minutes from the airport is Stella Maris Beach, a beautiful golden sand beach that has an ocean that will entice visitors to swim at any time in the morning. There are a lot of hotels and holiday homes on the beach which means it is difficult to find the perfect spot during high season. However, those who arrive early can get some of the most desirable spots and have stunning views.

The beach is very peaceful and is located in a secure area: Stella Maris is the ideal spot for the whole family. It is a wonderful place to stay with facilities and amenities for people who want to enjoy the conveniences, but don’t wish to live within the urban.

Stella Maris Beach is a extremely long stretch of the ocean’s coast where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in low tides, natural hot pools can be found to bathe in. It is a great spot not just for people who love sunbathing and relaxation however, it is also a great spot for people who love surfing and walking on the sand especially when the water is rough.

3. Praia do Porto da Barra

Praia do Porto da Barra is a gorgeous beach located in Salvador de Bahia where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear and stunning seas throughout the year. It is located over it is the Bay of All Saints, the always-crowded coast is the perfect spot for those who long to be enjoying a relaxing beach experience in a beautiful architectural env ironment.

The city beach has been ranked among the top 50 beaches around the globe since 2014 and is a magnet for residents, tourists, and families with its commercial charm. Visit the beach to enjoy its crystal clear waters , and visit the eateries which serve delicious food any time during the week.

The beach is an elongated curve and the golden sand is swept into the sea which is where you can get a break from the heat while surrounded by other tourists. The underwater reefs can create an area of peace in which you can swim free of the threat of the ocean’s currents.

At Praia Porto de Barra, you can hire a parasol and lounge chair or relax in a small area on the beach straight to your towels. For those who are hungry, all you need to do is select one of the bars that are open until the sunrise. If you’re looking to immerse your self in local life, then you have to go to the bars at the extreme shores.

To the south, you’ll to the south is Forte Santa Maria, built in 1614 and adorned with friezes from the Brazilian Empire. On the north end of the coastline however there is the impressive Igreja Santo Antonio da Barra (1595), that offers a stunning panoramic view of Praia do Porto. Praia do Porto da Barra is located about 15 minutes from the center in Salvador de Bahia, and is accessible by hiring a car or by the bus service that runs frequently at Praia da Se.

The area is adored throughout the year, and it’s easy to locate tourists , regardless of the low or high seasons. A lot of tour guides recommend Farol da Barra Beach as an alternative to Farol da Barra Beach that is not as popular.

4. Ondina beach

It is particularly popular particularly with “baianos” and tourists, Ondina beach is a safe and tranquil alternative to some of the city’s most popular beaches, i ncluding Port from Barra. It’s situated in between Rio Vermelho and Barra Beach. Apart from being equipped for all the family, Ondina beach is your source of information should you choose to visit Salvador de Bahia during the time of Carnival.

A block in Ondina/Barra circuit in Salvador, Bahia.
A block in Ondina/Barra circuit in Salvador, Bahia.

Celebrations, music, shows and more await you at one of the biggest celebrations that you can find anywhere. If there’s a celebration which the baianos have to be proud of it’s Carnival. In contrast to other carnivals in Brazil Salvador’s Carnival is marked by blocks i.e. trucks equipped with loudspeakers that emit loud music and are that is followed by dancing crowds during performances that last for up to five to six hours.

Anyone who wants to take part in the Carnival have to buy access to an area to guarantee space within the crowd. Ondina beach is accessible via buses that departs from Salvador de Bahia.

5. Praia de Itapua

Itapua is “round stone” in the Tupi language. The Itapu neighborhood is surrounded by stunning walks in the shade of coconut palms. The beach has b een transformed over time to be the tropical paradise was originally meant to be.

The golden sands, where walking is an enjoyable experience, you can also see that famous sculpture of Mermaid from Itapu. It is here that the Carnival in Salvador Salvadorians in Baianas who wear traditional clothing carry ceramic pots that are filled with fragrant flowers and water to clean on the steps to the cathedral in Nossa Senhora da Conceicao de Itapua. The beach, loved by locals and tourists alike, is locat ed to the north of Salvador.

Salvador just near All Saints Bay. The coral formation that surrounds it creates calm waters perfect for swimming with the entire family. Certain rock formations that lie in the water form naturally warm pools ideal for relaxing in the sun during the highest temperature of the day. You can also rent equipment for surfing or other water sports to enjoy an active day.

Itapu is always the place where you can meet the most influential people from Salvador de Bahia and, generally, around the globe. Rua da Musica, also called Rua K is close to Itapu as well. It has also hosted many famous sports and music personalities. However, it wasn’t always this way however. The area was initially inhabited by fishermen who would occasionally return in order to market fresh caught fish.

It is possible to visit the lighthouse to admire the ancient mosaics that decorate these walls along with some sand castles created by Bel Borba, the famous artist. The beach is equipped and is served with parasol rental services Restaurants and bars where you can purchase coconut water, fresh drinks and a variety of other local delights.

Coconut water with a straw.
Coconut water with a straw.

6. Flamengo Beach

Flamengo Beach is located on the border between the city in Lauro de Freitas close to Salvador de Bahia airport. Although it is very well-loved by visitors and locals alike, the small sandy dunes, coconut palms and rocks create a secluded and almost intimate environment that is perfect for a day on the beach with total relaxation.

Every year, the magnificent surf of Flamengo Beach attract thousands of surfers, kitesurfers and divers seeking treasure. The beach is equipped with sunbeds and parasols and is close to the beach there are numerous hotels as well as restaurants and holiday homes to ensure a comfortable stay. There’s an area for service where you can lease tents. Beaches are also visited by a variety of street vendors looking to sell ice-cold drinks and coconuts, as well as other refreshing summer treats to cool down on your afternoon.

7. Praia Boipeba

A bit further from Salvador’s raucous life, we can find Boipeba Island, in the Tinhare archipelago in the city of Cairu located in the southern region of the State of Bahia. The beach is surrounded with the sea on one sideand on the other, and the Estuary that forms the Rio Inferno on the other is distinct from the rest of the beaches that have been mentioned because of the natural beauty of the region around it. This is why it’s no surprise that the area is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as an area of biosphere reserves.

Boipeba is the perfect spot to go for those who want peace and quiet in unspoiled nature, peace, tranquility, and limited visitors. It is the place to visit if you’re looking to relax for a few minutes, taking an unwind from the pressures of the world of technology and routine. Relax in relaxing in the palm shade, golden beaches as well as hiking, boating, canoeing, and obviously, the Brazil’s famous golden beach.

Boipeba is a name that originates directly from Tupi language. It transla tes to “flat snake”, in reference to the sea turtle. Within the colonies of Bahia, Boipeba was one of the first. In 1537 it was when the Jesuits established Boipeba as the Aldeia and Residancia de Boipeba in this area and Boipeba is the home of the towns in Velha Boipeba, Sao Sebastiao (Cova da Onca), Morere and Monte Alegre. You can get to Boipeba by sea or river and circulation is allowed on foot or using tractor.

This particular feature, naturally is a major drawback to a certain kind of tourism that hel ps the island retain its wild and untamed nature. In fact, here there is a dense woodland in Mata Atlantica, between coconut palms and coral reefs: an amazing sight! In terms of coral reefs, people who visit here should enjoy a dip in the ocean, which is p rotected by the natural structure and hence more calm however, this is not to make it the less stunning. Boipeba is the perfect spot to snorkel and observe an array of shellfish, fish corals, sea urchins starfish, and of course the turtles that are the rea son for the name given to the island. Humpback whales are also visible at certain times throughout the entire year.

8. The beach of Morro de Sao Paulo

The beaches are a delight in Morro de Sao Paulo. The beaches are referred to by their numerical order as first, second, third fourth, and Praia do Encanto. They are sometimes referred to as”the Fifth Beach. These stunning beaches don’t just allow you to lose yourself in the vibrant seaside culture of Bahia and its surroundings, but also have special features and attractions which are unique from one another, drawing tourists from all over world. Sands of gold sparkling clear waters, and, as a backdrop complete enchantment is the splendor that is nature’s Atlantic rainforest.

Top view of Morro de Sao Paulo Beach.
Top view of Morro de Sao Paulo Beach.

One beach, Morro de Sao Paulo is the most popular sports spot in the region. This is also the private spot with a lot of parties discos and clubs keep guests entertained until dawn. For those who prefer peace and tranquility ought to choose to remain between the fourth and third beach which is pristine, tranquil and surrounded by stunning scenery.

Praia Morro de Sao Paulo is also home to smaller, less-frequented stretches of coastline that are perfect to be in touch with nature in the event that you choose to stay in Salvador during the peak season. Don’t miss Ponta da Pedra, Porto de Cima, Prainha do Forte and Praia da Gamboa do Morro. Apart from Gamboa which has infrastructure and lodging The other beaches do not provide facilities for tourists, and thus remain more authentic and natural. Fifth beach Praia do Encanto, and is surrounded by stunning mangroves that provide a natural setting worthy of being captured.

9. Marau Peninsula

As the tide drops, signalling the beginning of a new day and the Marau Peninsula is illuminated by the special illumination. Welcome Salvador de Bahia’s southern coast, where a dip in these natural swimming pools can be an unforgettable and unforgettable experience. Within a short distance, there are boats that dock in Barra Grande, where the Pier welcomes visitors who want to relax within the serene setting of the Costa do Dende. Bahia and Marau particularly are known for their romantic scenes and this is the place where you must plan a complete romantic getaway to seal the vow to your future.

Marau provides natural pools that have been carved into the rocks and is a sparkling sea of crystal coconut palms and deserted stretches of sand, and stunning sunsets worthy of this title. At 270 km from the bustle from Salvador, Marau is and is one of the places that is almost entirely overlooked by the mass tourism industry which is why it’s not visited. To visit certain spots like Taipu de Fora, you must rent a boat however it’s well worth the cost! The view you will see when you arrive is without comparable.

10. Praia do Cristo

La Praia do Cristo, close to the coasts of Barra and Ondina It is the ideal place to spend the relaxing day on the beach with the entire family. The name derives from the statue of Christ which is situated on one of the hills near the shoreline. While not very well-known the beach has an unmistakable city vibe. With natural pools and rocks this is the perfect spot to enjoy a little tranquility. At Praia do Cristo there are no kiosks or tents, however there is the Centro Espanhol, Idaho, an entertainment center with stunning perspectives of beaches is situated here.

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