Canyons in Brazil 10 places For You to Explore

Aparados da Serra high view of the Canyons in Brazil.
Aparados da Serra high view of the Canyon in Brazil.

If you’ve ever dreamed of trekking through the jungles of Brazil, consider an eight-day adventure through the south. The tour begins in Porto Alegre and Florianopolis and then passes through the national parks of Santa Catarina and the Rio Grande do Sul. You’ll experience some of the most breathtaking views in Brazil, including the Aparados da Serra national park, which is home to several waterfalls and wide mountains.

1. Pa’rus trail

If you are looking for a place to go hiking on Canyons in Brazil, you should definitely consider hiking the Pa’rus trail. This popular trail is easy to find, but you can also explore many other hiking opportunities close to it. If you are interested in hiking with your dog, you might want to plan your trip during the day, when the temperature is at its lowest. The trail is 1.8 miles long, and you will reach an elevation of 4,045 feet.

The trail is paved and mostly flat. It crosses the Virgin River and is popular among cyclists. However, you can also enjoy it if you are just looking for a relaxing hike. You’ll be able to find many bridges that overlook the Virgin River, and you’ll be surrounded by verdant foliage. This trail is not only beautiful, but it’s also safe for your dog. It is also wheelchair-accessible.

2. Meeting of the Waters

There’s a lot of beauty in Brazil, but one area that’s not widely explored is the Meeting of the Waters. Located in Santarem, the region is where the massive Amazon River meets the smaller Tapajos River. For miles, you’ll be able to see the two rivers’ distinct colors. It’s a sight you won’t soon forget, and it’s worth exploring on your next trip!

The Meeting of the Waters is a natural wonder in Brazil, and you can see it for yourself if you’re willing to travel to the country. The Rio Negro (dark water) meets the Amazon River, and they form a pristine polychrome boundary. It’s truly amazing to see two different rivers flowing side-by-side. And you can ride in an air-conditioned vehicle to explore it on your next trip.

3. Covelo Trail

If you’ve always dreamed of exploring the rainforest in your own country, the Cotovelo Trail in Brazil is just what you need to make that dream come true. This trail crosses the vast Amazon rainforest, and you’ll experience the wonders of this region firsthand. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a rainforest. You’ll be able to feel the mighty Amazon in your bones, and you’ll definitely see plenty of wildlife along the way.

From there, you can head to Jericoacoara, a quaint little colonial town with exceptional historical significance for Brazil. The city is also home to four protected areas of the Atlantic Forest, one of the planet’s greatest biodiversity hotspots. You can also visit the 600-foot-deep Agua Milagrosa, where you can see colorful, transparent watercolors.

4. Cotodinha Canyon

Lake in Pantanal.
Lake in Pantanal.

The Pantanal is almost half the size of France and is home to the world’s largest wetland. It is home to diverse flora and fauna. It is best explored during the dry season, but you can also visit this site year-round. While you’re there, you should be sure to look for jaguars, capybaras, hyacinth macaws, and giant anteaters.

The city of Bonito is located in the southern region of Brazil, near the Paraguayan border. It is home to some of Brazil’s most spectacular natural wonders, including the fabled Itaimbezinho Canyon. The town is a hub for exploring the surrounding areas. It is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, including hiking, climbing, and abseiling. Another popular attraction in the area is the Pedra Furada, which has a hole in the middle. Whether you want to take in the beauty of nature or explore the fascinating world of the canyon, you’ll have a great time here.

5. Lago Azul Canyon

There are several things to do in Lago Azul Canyon, including swimming, hiking, and sightseeing. The rocky terrain, natural body of water, and enchanting surroundings are sure to make your trip memorable. It’s also the home of the Blue Lake, a natural body of water with clear blue waters. The cave is filled with water and has a grotto, where strands of light seep through the narrow entrances. The massive rock formations are illuminated by these strands of light, which make this a unique experience. It’s a two-mile trek, which requires extreme physical fitness, but the trip will be worth it.

There are several things to do in Brazil. The Serra da Bodoquena National Park has numerous natural wonders, and visitors can engage in several outdoor activities. There are also many species of plants and animals to see. If you’re traveling alone, you may want to leave some extra cash at your hotel. The weather is generally stable in Salvador. Nonetheless, you should take proper precautions to protect your belongings while you’re there.

6. Lost Paradise Canyon

There are several hidden treasures in the country of Brazil that are awaiting you to explore. This is a perfect place to see the infamous Iguazu Falls, which span the border between Argentina and Brazil. There are a number of ways to visit this amazing natural wonder, including the 275 separate drops that form the Devil’s Throat. There are also walkways to cross and a narrow chasm called the Devil’s Throat.

Devil's Troath in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.
Devil’s Troath in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

For a more adventurous trip, try exploring the Pantanal Conservation Area. This UNESCO World Heritage site comprises four protected areas in western central Brazil. It is the largest tropical wetland ecosystem in the world, with some 80 percent of the floodplains submerged during the rainy season. You can also hike along the canyon’s trails to get a better look at the area’s unique flora and fauna.

7. Chapada Dos Veaderios National Park

If you’re in the mood for some rugged hiking, the national park offers a number of hikes with spectacular waterfalls. While some of the hikes are straightforward, others require the services of a local guide. Moon Valley and the Moon River are both popular spots for swimming, and they are located at the confluence of two rivers. Visitors here can jump in and even get carried along the waters. There are also several private campsites that are available for a minimal fee.

8. Pico da Neblina National Park

The highest point of Brazilian territory is the Pico da Neblina National Park, which attracts visitors from around the world to this protected area. Until the 1960s, the area was considered no man’s land and border disputes between Brazil and Venezuela forced its creation. The area was first explored by a military expedition led by General Ernesto Flag Coelho, and since then it has been a popular destination for climbers.

Although not well-known, the Pico da Neblina was once inhabited by the Yanomami people of northeastern Brazil. An airline pilot discovered it in the 1950s, and a Brazilian Army expedition made the first ascent in 1965. This discovery made the mountain a popular trekking destination for adventurers from all over the world. The park’s remote location made it a popular destination for climbers and hikers from around the world.

9. Cascata do Perau Branco

If you are looking for a natural wonder, the canyons in Brazil are a must-visit destination. Surrounded by a lush Atlantic Forest and Araucaria forest, these canyons are sure to be a thrill for the senses. In the midst of the dense forest, there are cliffs and green fields. And if that is not enough, you can also visit the canyons’ other famous attractions like Lajeado das Camisas.

One of the most striking natural landscapes in Brazil is the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Its unique and otherworldly scenery is characterized by its endless sand dunes, interrupted by emerald green pools. The park is only accessible from July to September. It is located in a protected wildlife zone and boasts mangroves, salt marshes, and private lagoons.

10. Pousada Morada dos Canyons

Located in Santa Catarina, Pousada Morada dos Canons is the perfect starting point for active excursions in the surrounding mountains and canyons. Nestled between the Serra Geral and Malacara Canyons, the hostel offers guestrooms with a view of the canyon landscape. A restaurant and parking are also available on site. The surrounding area is rich in biodiversity and ruins.

A person on a bike in the mountains
A person on a bike in the mountains

The accommodation at Pousada Morada dos Ventos is decorated in a rustic style. It has a spacious courtyard, an outdoor hammock lounge, and free WiFi. Guests can also enjoy guided tours of the local area and can explore the canyons on bicycles. This Brazilian hotel is located just 40 km from Torres. It offers a range of activities for visitors of all ages.

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